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授業で使える英語のほめ言葉 95集

英会話の授業では、ほめことばも英語で。どれも”VERY GOOD”と同じ意味で使えます。

1 短く一言でほめる言葉14  フラッシュカードや歌の合間に

(8)Well done.

2 個人をほめる言葉25  発問に答えた後やゲーム・ダイアログ後に


①That's right!
②That's good.
③That's good(boy/girl).
④That's the way!
⑤Exactly right.
⑥Right on!
⑦That's it!

(2) 「よく覚えたね」の意味で

①Good remembering.
②Good thinking.
③You remembered!
④Now you have it!
⑤Nice going.
⑥Congratulations. You got it right!

(3) 「よくがんばったね」 「なかなかいいよ!」の意味で

①Good work!
②That's better.
③That's really nice.
④Not bad.
⑤That's great.
⑥I like that.
⑦Good going.
⑧Good for you!
⑨Keep it up!
⑩Good job,( name ).

(4) 「その調子で」の意味で

①Keep on trying.
②Way to go!

3 チームをほめる言葉9  ゲームやダイアログの後に

(2)That's good(boy/girl).
(3)That's great.
(4)That's better.
(5)That's really nice.
(6)Good job,( team's name ).
(7)Good work!
(8)Nice going.
(9)Much better.

4 個人のがんばりをほめる言葉47  ペア練習やグループ練習で、一人一人に声をかけ励ます時に


①You're really working hard today.
②That's much,much better!
③That's the best you've ever done.
④That's the best ever.
⑤That's better than ever.
⑥You certainly did well today.
⑦You did a lot of work today.
⑧You outdid yourself today!
⑨You've got your brain in gear today.
⑩You're doing that much better today.


①That's quite an improvement.
②You're improving.
③You're really improving.
④You're getting better every day.
⑤You must have been practicing.


①I'm happy to see you working like that.
②I'm proud of the way you worked today.
③You really make my job fun.
④It's such a pleasure to teach  when you work like that!
⑤That kind of work makes me happy.


①I think you're doing the right thing.
②I knew you could do it!


①That's coming along nicely.
②Now you've figured it out.
③You did it that time!
④You haven't missed a thing!
⑤You did that very well.
⑥That's how to handle that.
⑦You've just abaut mastered it.
⑧You're doing fine!
⑨You are really learning a lot.
⑩I think you 've got it now.
⑪You figured that out fast.
⑫You are learning fast.
⑬You've got it made
⑭That's the right way to do it.


①Keep working on it.
②Keep up the good work.
③One more time and you'll have it.


①Aren't you proud of yourself?
②That was first class work.
③Nothing can stop you naw.
④I've never seen anyone do it better.
⑤I'm very proud of you.


①Now that's what I call a fine job.
②You're doing beautifully!
③You're doing a good job.

※ 言葉の意味がわからなくても、教師が笑顔で、頭をなでながら、あるいは肩に手をおきながら、話しかけると、




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