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What is "Hosokuka"?

Birth of the movement “Hosokuka”(Improving and Sharing)

Creation of New Educational Culture 

 Hosokuka(Movement of Improving and Sharing Teaching Skills) was the biggest movement in education in the twentieth century.
 It was born for the purpose of sharing great teaching skills and systems with a lot of teachers.  The number of teachers who joined this movement was as much as 50 or 60 thousand.
 We didn’t want fake educational culture.  What we wanted was the true and practical study based on honest practices and passionate researches.  Besides, each practical study had to be written so clearly that other teachers can read it and reproduce it in their own schools.  If the practices are written such clearly, they are worth even if they are better by only one percent than past practices.  Since we strongly believe that way, we gathered as many practices as possible.  A lot of teachers read papers of the gathered practices and tried them in the each teacher’s own class.  And the teachers improved them.  I this way, “effective and reliable practices and systems” were created by many teachers who joined the movement. 
translated by Shin Kato



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