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Who is "Yoichi Mukoyama"


 Mr. Mukoyama was born in 1943 in Tokyo.
 He graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University in 1968.
 After he worked as a public elementary school teacher in Tokyo for a long time, he retired in spring of 2000.
 At the same time as working as a teacher, he was the representative of “Movement of Improving and Sharing Teaching Skills”(Housokuka), which tried to gather great and effective teaching skills and systems from all through Japan, to improve them into even better ones and to share them with teachers all over Japan.
 Now, the movement, Housokuka, was succeeded to TOSS and Mr. Mokuyama is still the representative of the organization, TOSS, which has about 700 circles or clubs and about 10,000 members.
 He is the promoter of TOSS LAND (Internet Land), the president of Japan Teaching Skills Society, the vice-president of Japan Language Skills Education Society, a visiting professor of Shanghai Normal University, the chair promoter of the Society for Advancement of Mail Education, and so on.
 He has successively occupied an editorial committee member of Textbook Questions for a TV program, NHK Quiz Omoshiro Seminar and a part-time lecturer of Chiba University.
 Now, he is also the vice-president of the Federation of Japan Kids Challenge Ranking, the chief editor of monthly magazine, Kyoshitsu(Classroom) Two-Way and  so forth.
 His famous writings are the following, “Principles of Improving Teaching Competence”, “Ten Year Training as A Teacher”, “Principles of Instructing Children”, “Destroy the Structure of Bulling”(the above-mentioned writings are published from a company, Meijitosho), “Mukoyama teaching method of studying at home (vol. Ⅰ, Ⅱ)”(published from Shufu-no-tomo), “Faults of School”,  “Return from Collapsed Classes”, “Schools revive!”(the above from Fusousya), the series of “Knacks of Studying”(PHP Kenkyujo) and so forth.
 He is chosen as the sixth best educator in the history of education in Japan on a magazine, “General Teaching Skills”(Shogakukan). 
translated by Shin Kato



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