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Q&A Educational policies for the boy with LD

12-year-old school boy, who is diagnosed as LD.
What educational policies are good for him?

He is denying himself. He blames himself too much when he loses in a relay games,
even though none of his friends blames him.
I wait until he gets calm down, and speak to him to join his friends after a while.

Do not hurt his pride.

His parents and family and school staff should try best to make him feel self-importance.

He may be abused at home as he has problem of LD.

He says “ I should not have been born” maybe because his family say “
We should not have had you boy”. Also he possibly tortures himself behind.

Let’s ask for doctor’s hand.
Put his case on the meeting of special education at school.
Investigate his personal history-how he was born,
whether there were problems on the minute of his birth,
he has lack of something important during his growing process,
his parents took care of him rightly, he can communicate properly, and his kindergarten days.
You have to check all his background and report it to doctor and special education centre.

Teachers are strongly expected to praise him.
Praise, praise, and praise.
Give him self-confidence through your classes.

Children with LD can not do very well in some fields,
but they are very well at other fields.
Teachers should figure out ideas to make him succeed.
If he makes success, teachers praise him a lot, and his friends will also do so.
Never forget to praise him and give him self-confidence.

(by Yuuji Hoshino translated by Mari Ohwa)



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