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Q&A  P.E class. Making children form into line faster 2

At P.E class, I make children into line.
Children are sometimes late. How can I make them form into line faster?
What should I do to make children wait finished forming into line when the class starts?

It is no wonder if the children are running around or doing whatever they want,
when the teachers are away.
It maybe possible the children are doing exercises on the horizontal bars, waiting the teacher.

When the bell of the class starts rings,
teachers should be with the children and immediately starts the class.
You should give directions like
“ Run and touch 3 things taller than you and come back.”
You are strongly expected to attract all the children at the beginning 15 seconds of the class.
Finding nice ideas to attract children, that is the real spirit of the teacher.
(by Naoki Nemoto translated by Mari Ohwa)



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